Flights to Ljubljana Airport

Flying to Slovenia

After choosing Slovenia as your next travel destination the process of decision making regarding the way of transport starts. The easiest and fastest way to get to Slovenia is booking a flight and simply landing on the Ljubljana Airport from where getting to the other parts of Slovenia is easy since Airport Ljubljana is located almost in the middle of the country.

Ljubljana AirportTo have connections to most of the major airports in Europe means Ljubljana Airport is easy to access from all over Europe as well as other parts of the world. Slovenian airline Adria Airways is one of many airline companies operating with Ljubljana Airport. Major ones are definitely Air France and Turkish Airlines connecting Ljubljana with two different cultures and ways of life. Low cost airlines flying from and to Ljubljana are Easy Jet and Wizz Air (book a flight to Ljubljana here). Easy Jet takes you directly from London to Ljubljana and back while Wizz Air connects Ljubljana to London and Brussels.

All over Europe Ljubljana Airport is very well connected. Direct flights from Ljubljana to Belgrade, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Tirana, Skopje and Priština are perfect for those who are staring in Ljubljana and moving towards Balkan countries. A lot of tourists either start in Ljubljana and move south over the countries of former Yugoslavia and other Balkan countries or they start in the most southern country and work their way up to Slovenia.

Trying to get up the northern parts of Europe connections starting with Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich and even Moscow are the way to get you from Ljubljana to almost any country in Europe and back. Adding up Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Istanbul together with Monastir, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgada provides travellers with many different airlines connected to Ljubljana Airport and therefore easy ways of landing in Slovenia.

Getting to the final destination

Visit LjubljanaPicture of Ljublana, Ljubljanica River

Landing on the Airport Ljubljana is just a first stop on the way to the real destination. While waiting for the luggage and a ride to get from the airport the facility offers café, restaurants, and shopping to pass the time without getting impatient and cranky. The possibility of getting lost on the airport is next to zero thanks to well-organized staff and smallness of the facility.

Airport Ljubljana offers rides from Airport to different destinations all over Slovenia, from regular buses to shuttle buses, renting a car or taking a taxi. Checking the bus schedules before landing to Slovenia is highly recommended in order to avoid getting too nervous before even getting to the final destination.

Renting a car is a great way to explore Slovenia and the airport staff will be happy to help you decide where to start and rent a car on the spot. Things to see in Slovenia are reachable by car, which provides you with your own rhythm of travelling and seeing all the amazing spots when you feel like it. That goes for people who enjoy driving and road trip kind of travelling. If not a fan of driving, buses and trains are equally capable of getting you to the spots in Slovenia you wish to see.

Starting “Slovenia experience”

If the first stop in Slovenia is Ljubljana Airport, the second is usually the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana, located approximately 30 kilometres from the airport. Both places being located in the middle of the country makes them a great starting points to see everything Slovenia has to offer. In collaboration with Ljubljana Airport, you can even treat yourself with panoramic flights to Bovec, Triglav and the Coast.

Travel to PiranPicture of Piran, Slovenian Coast

Taking a bus or a train is also a great experience in order to see the nature of Slovenia while moving from point A to point B. If feeling adventurous trying hitchhiking is a possibility but visiting website for sharing rides is probably a better option. Worrying about how to get to the spot you wish to see is not necessary because of developed transport structure.

Ending “Slovenia experience”

After seeing everything and more in Slovenia there always comes the time of saying goodbye and getting back to reality. Getting away from home and discovering new places is always amazing but returning back home is also one of the best feelings ever. From all the bigger cities in Slovenia, all kinds of rides are available to get travellers back to the Ljubljana Airport.

logar valleyPicture of Logar Valley

Most people take either a taxi or ride by bus to get to the airport. Waiting for your flight home can be extremely boring, especially for children, so duty free shops and watching planes landing and taking off is the best way of entertainment for the kids. Spending time on the airport and counting down minutes until the last call to your flight can be truly dull so passing the time in a restaurant or café over a delicious meal or cup of coffee is the best possible call.


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