Holidays in Slovenia

Once you decide on holidays in Slovenia, there is really so much you can do here, but if you take your time, you’ll find numerous sweet places that will steal your heart away.

Holidays in Slovenia PiranPicture of Beautiful Piran

Once you decide on holidays in Slovenia, there is really so much you can do here, but if you take your time, you’ll find numerous sweet places that will steal your heart away.

How you are going to do that of course depends on whether you’re looking for cheap holidays to spend in Slovenia or if you are interested in spending big.

Let’s talk Accommodation in Slovenia

So if you like your travels in backpack manner, you probably prefer staying in a hostel. Luckily enough, Ljubljana has the best one to offer. It’s called Hostel Celica Art. It’s located almost in the center of town and is actually ranked top 25 hostels by the Lonely Planet and according to the guests, the best hostel in Slovenia as well. Hostel is located near a lot of bars, art galleries, clubs with varies of concerts, etc.

Accommodation in the old barracks is a unique experience because you’ll be staying in one of 20 former prison cells with bars on the doors and windows. So this is definitely something special for you to try.

If you prefer a bit more luxurious travel, there are numerous hotels in the center of the city and outside of the city but still not too far away. The prices for the rooms range from low 40 € per night and up, depending on hotel, usually breakfast included.

If you plan to go explore outside of Ljubljana, maybe taking a road trip around Slovenia, you can always count on multiple different accommodations all over Slovenia. There are many different options of accommodations to choose from depending on your preference you can choose from rooms in private houses or B&B, local farms and hotels as well, and you can do so on much more affordable prices than in the capital.

Slovenia Adventure Holidays

Are you adventurous type? If you are looking for cheap holidays in Slovenia and also seeking adventures, you can actually go to just about any forest in the south east of the country and it’s most likely you’ll be running away from a bear, we have a lot of them of course that is just an expression, but all jokes aside, there are many different areas in Slovenia where your adventure can start with camping in the woods, where for bear lovers or those who wish to see it in the nature , there are also options you can do so but under some professional guidance (contact us for more information if you want to see a bear in the nature).

For my taste on adventure I want to suggest a place you will probably like a lot, my late grandmother was born there, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the place ;). It’s located at the very border with Croatia. The village I am talking about is called Osilnica and there’s nothing but woods, caves and national parks all around you. There you will find a small family hotel called Kovac, their restaurant offers a variety of home-cooked meals of which you have to try the fresh trout from the river Kolpa which runs just under the hotel and is actually a border line between Slovenia and Croatia. 

kolpa riverPicture of Kolpa River

Hotel Kovac offers a large variety of outdoor sports, you can try rafting, paintball, hiking, mountain biking and archery. The hotel also offers their own Adrenaline Park adventures, which is assembled from a polygon composed of senior wooden pillars on which it is possible to do a variety of exercises that can be overcome individually or collectively. A lot of Slovenian companies use this location for their team building exercises with the colleges.

There are many other adrenalin parks in Slovenia, but this one is my ultimate favorite and if nothing else, in midst of the vast woods and clean cold river, you’ll be breathing the cleanest air possible.

Why not try Slovenia Beach Holidays

slovenian coast viewPicture of Slovenian Coast

When I say Slovenia Beach Holidays, I don’t necessarily mean the beach by the sea side ;). Sure you can visit the seaside beach, the town Piran is very nice, the architecture is beautiful, there’s a hotel, a bar or two, few tourist shops and that’s about it. If you are drawn to it I suggest it to be a short one afternoon trip, you can have a swim and a lunch, and seafood is great to be eaten right on the seashore and fresh from the sea, but for the real beach time, try holidays in Croatia. It might sounds hypocritical of me, but I’m just being honest. Croatia’s seaside is probably more beautiful and intact than any Hawaii will ever be.

Now let’s go back to the Slovenian beach talk. I’m actually talking about our lakes! There’s over 300 lakes in Slovenia; List of Slovenia Lakes on Wikipedia.

My ultimate favorite is Lake Bled. Its location is in the heart of the Alps, in a small town called Bled with a global reputation in the idyllic unspoiled nature. You can explore the woods surrounding the small town offering the scenic view of the area, interesting and unique walks, one in particular that I like is starting in Blejski vintgar, which means you will be walking on the hanging bridges in the cliffs of the river bank and then continue the walk up into the woods up the hill just to get the amazing view on the town of Bled once you reach the top and then you can just continue your walk down the other side of the hill descending to the back to the start point of your walk.

piran sloveniaPicture of Piran

Bled also offers many outdoor sport activities, some of them are very unique, such as summer sledding right above the lake, during the ride the view is the icing on the lake, there’s also many different romantic corners where you can have your quiet moment, also mountain climbing and many other playful experiences.

You can take your Lake Bled Holidays all year round. In the summer, with all the above activities you can also go for the obvious swimming in the lake, or explore the lake itself by diving and enjoy the lake’s beauty from underneath the surface, take a peek into the world of underwater flora and fauna. Fishing is also a nice relaxing way of spending your time at the lake, and for those a bit more adventurous types, canyoning, mountain biking, boating, rafting and I could go on and on. There’s just so much to do.