Skiing in Slovenia

Winter holidays in Slovenia

Time of winter holidays is usually dedicated to skiing or snowboarding and spending that time in enchanting environment is a key to having it all. Skiing in Slovenia is the best way to go in order to ski in the middle of unspoiled nature and enjoy the quality of different ski resorts Slovenia has to offer.

skiing in slovenia

Considering the fact that we usually “want it all and want it now” deciding to ski in Slovenia is the best solution to our demands. In bigger ski resorts you have everything you heart desires on skiing holidays but if you are not the type to ski in one place for a whole week or two you do not need to worry about that since the relative closeness of Slovenia ski resorts provides you with the possibility to try few of them and then decide on which one you like best.

Besides 10 biggest ski resorts in Slovenia there are at least 20 more of smaller ones where you can spend few days skiing and exploring the surroundings. Few of Slovenian ski slopes are connected to Austria and Italy so you can cross borders while skiing and snowboarding if you feel like it.

slovenian skiing holidays

Slovenia ski holidays

The biggest ski resorts in Slovenia offer variety of options on how to spend your winter holidays. There are ski schools for adults and children as well as children’s ski slopes so there is no need to worry about how to keep your child safe and entertained and lose your mind over it. Family holidays are going to be amazing in Slovenia skiing holidays; a lot of animation for children, ski schools run by professionals together with amazing views from top of the ski slopes and charming villages will make ski holidays in Slovenia unforgettable.

Slopes are suitable for every type of skier; from complete beginners to true experts and something in-between. For those interested in snowboarding there are few snowboarding parks and a lot of snowboarding schools (if you are a beginner or just want to improve your skills) to choose from. There are no special limits on where you can snowboard – slopes are open for skiers as well as snowboarders.

Challenge accepted!

It usually happens that the most experienced skiers and snowboarders get bored quickly; that will not happen here in Slovenia since there are some slopes marked black and used for World Cup competitions in Alpine Skiing organized by FIS. It is always a challenge to get down the same slopes as the best skiers in the world.

Pohorje and Kranjska gora are Slovenian ski resorts that host World Cup competitions in Alpine Skiing and are therefore the most crowded with skiers and snowboarders. If you are looking for a challenge while enjoying ski holidays in Slovenia these are the places to try. After finishing the infamous slope called Podkoren in Kranjska gora you will certainly need some time to catch your breath but then you will probably want to do it again. This is not the only slope marked black – while looking for a challenge you should try Kanin – Sella Nevea, Tromeja (Arnoldstein) and some other slopes in Slovenia.


Staying in a hotel, suite or rented flat or house – it is completely up to you. Accommodation you choose in one of the ski resorts is always close to the slope; either by foot or by car it probably will not take more than 10 – 15 minutes to get to the bottom of the slope.

Some of the biggest ski resorts in Slovenia have a pool complex with sauna nearby and there isski in slovenia nothing better than taking a relaxing bath or get some rest in sauna after full eight hours of skiing! Pool is also a great strategic move to stop children from boredom and to make winter holidays even more interesting and fun. Of course having a kid is not the condition to get into the pool – just wanting to relax and regenerate your strength is reason enough.

Spending winter holidays with friends is also a great way of having an awesome time; there are some great options for accommodation on the ski slope itself! It is just amazing to step outside the house, put your skis or snowboard on and just get the day started and it is even better to ski back to the house and get to rest without needing to carry your equipment for more than few steps.

Having a great time

mountain sloveniaDo not let Slovenia’s smallness fool you; variety of ski slopes it has to offer can easily be compared to any of the bigger countries. Being able to try more than one ski resort is a true advantage for people who get bored quickly – the smallness is what makes Slovenia interesting. Skiing in Slovenia offers you more than one option on how to spend winter holidays here. Either being with family, partner or group of friends there are so many things you can do and have a great time.

From nursery slopes to the most demanding ones you most definitely will not get bored. Getting tired for a moment can be solved really quickly; there are a lot of restaurants situated on the slopes themselves where you can treat yourself with a cup of tea, lunch or just sitting down for a moment. Do not forget sunscreen while sitting on the sun and enjoying holidays in Slovenia!

And for those who does’t ski you can always visit Beautiful Bled, Capital of Ljubljana or other cities in Slovenia all the way to the Most Beautiful Cave – Postojna Cave.