Slovenia Travel Tips

Have you ever traveled to Slovenia? Read our Slovenia Travel tips to spend the best time in Slovenia ever.

Here is the first Slovenia travel tip: You don’t know what you’re missing! So I suggest you start packing, in the meantime I’m going to tell you more about my beautiful country.

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Yes it’s small and yes people are still mistaking it for Slovakia, which is a country quite far from us actually, but tourism in Slovenia is truly blossoming, I’ll soon explain why.

Slovenia lies between Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary and the population of people is poor 2 million. But really is the people and sights and breathtaking nature that makes Slovenia great.

You know that from the capital city Ljubljana, which lies almost in the middle of the country, it takes you an hour to go either swimming or skiing or hiking or just plain sightseeing in one of the towns.
Slovenia is situated between Adriatic Sea and also The Alps, so in theory you can swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon.

So first, let’s get you here ;)…

slovenian airportHow to travel to Slovenia?

I guess any way you like or prefer. There’s an Airport Ljubljana if you want to fly here; Easyjet and Wizair fly to this destination. Me personally, I like to take the train or go by car, I never liked the bus for longer trips, but it’s your choice.

Your holidays in Slovenia can now begin

Well you have to have at least 3-5 days planned to get the feel of Slovenia. Let’s say you’re in

Ljubljana now, in the old part of town, there’s Ljubljanica – a rivier going through the city, with wonderful old architecture, diverse and relaxing pubs and restaurants; with excellent food, but I’ll tell you more about it later. When you look up, from anywhere you locate yourself in the center of town, old or new area, you’ll see the Castle of Ljubljana, this is a location where people get married, me included :), but it’s also a nice walk going uphill and get to see the whole Ljubljana. I forgot to mention, you can go on a boat ride on Ljubljanica river and see the city from different perspective and also have lunch and drinks on board.


Accomodation in Slovenia

Ljubljanica River Ljubljana SloveniaYou’ll probably be looking for an accommodation in Ljubljana, since I already told you it takes you about an hour from here going anywhere else in Slovenia. Depending on your budget, you can of course go to the hotel (book here with, there is many to choose from or you can rent a room in a hostel (book here with, there are a few nice ones also. For going around, in Ljubljana you can rent a bicycle, buy a bus ticket, but for most you can actually walk, especially if you come here in the warm months. As I mentioned earlier, going outside Ljubljana you can take the train or rent a car. Watch how you can get $25 on your next trip.

Things to do in Slovenia

Piran at night Slovenia

Picture of Piran at Night

There are million things to do in Slovenia, honestly! In the summer time it’s nice to go to the sea side. Small, old town like Piran or more modern and busy Portoroz will impress you 100%. There’s only about 50km of the shore that is ours (meaning Slovenian), going a bit further down, our neighboring country Croatia, has the most of the Adriatic Sea, also an idea maybe for you to check it out. Going from the sea side back towards Ljubljana, you can visit Postojna Cave and go and cool down from the sun you’ve been on for too long an hour ago ;). There are a lot of caves in Slovenia, but Postojna Cave is the most famous one, so I really recommend visiting it.

Izola SloveniaSo you’re back in Ljubljana and want to go towards the mountains and hills area. You’ll be stopping, and that’s a must, at the lake Bled of Slovenia. It’s really beautiful here, you can take a long walk around the lake Bled and there’s a small island in the middle of the lake, which can be reached by a special boat you hop on. The last, but certainly not least thing you have to try while in Bled, is their famous Cream Cake, we call it »Kremsnita«, using this term it’ll be easier for you to order one ;).

There are hills all around, you can go cycling or hiking or visit one of the tourist farms in the area. The nature here is still so pure and divine you wouldn’t believe it. Further to the north-western side, towards the Alps, there lies the most popular ski resort; Kranjska Gora. People from all around Europe come here, to ski, go to the spa, casino or to enjoy the food – if you do come here, any time in the year, you must go to Martin’s reastaurant, it’s situated almost in the center of town and in my opinion they serve oneSlovenian Mountains of the best foods I have ever tried, mixture of the old and new collide perfectly. Yummy!

Still a lot of places to visit in Slovenia, we’ve only covered the west side, but anywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by intact green nature, lots of woods, and that also includes cities, there’s not only concrete as in many cities around the world.

I can assure you; you’ll remember your first holidays in Slovenia and will want to come back, because I haven’t told you even the half of it ;). Read more of spending Holidays in Slovenia.