Travel to Ljubljana

Choosing (unconventional) destination 

When interested in travelling to unconventional places, Ljubljana – Slovenia, is the way to go. After establishing location of Slovenia, usually the most frequently asked question “What is the capital of Slovenia?” takes place. Located almost in the middle of Slovenia, Ljubljana is impossible to miss on the map and even harder to forget once you see and experience it.

Ljubljana SloveniaPicture of Ljubljana on Christmas

Even though it really is small and classifies as town there is no need to worry about getting bored; families looking for some quality time together can get as much fun and joyful experiences as those looking for party and good time here in Ljubljana. You can see what the capital of Slovenia has to offer in just few days or you can really dig in and explore it like a local.


Ljubljana CastlePicture of Ljubljana with the view on Ljubljana Castle

Depending on your preference Ljubljana offers variety of accommodation types situated in the city centre.

Most of the accommodation type are just a stone’s throw away from the main square in Ljubljana, the best meeting point of the town. Couchsurfing is also a possibility since many students in Ljubljana participate in that kind of travelling the world.

Tourist attractions in Ljubljana

The most famous tourist attraction in Ljubljana is Prešeren’s square – a square dedicated to the famous Slovenian poet and author of Slovenian anthem. It is a great meeting point for locals as well as tourists and a great place to just sit, relax and observe the people around you for a while. Ljubljana’s castle is just a short walk away from the main square; people not interested in walking can use the funicular to get to the top of the castle but there is always a possibility to walk up and enjoy the view on the city centre.

Spending some time up the castle is a great idea since you can see Ljubljana from different angles, relax in a restaurant or café, and just enjoy the atmosphere. Sometimes you can even catch a wedding in progress since the castle is a general wedding destination of Ljubljana, and enjoy some random entertainment.

Visit LjubljanaPicture of Ljubljanica River

In Roman times, Ljubljana, which was back then named Emona (see Emona wikipedia), had a great strategic value to the defence system of Roman Empire. Remains from that time are still preserved and possible to see around Ljubljana and in City Museum of Ljubljana. The possibility of taking a walking tour on remains from that time is always available and City Museum Ljubljana provides you with a map of the tour when you purchase the ticket for the exhibition.

Walking distance from point A to point B in the city centre is one of many positive aspects of Ljubljana. Taking a walk through the city centre gives you endless possibilities to admire bridges over the Ljubljanica River, the architecture and feeling the city throb regardless of the time of day. For lovebirds and other sentimental souls, the bridge named Mesarski most will be the point of interest. You can lock your own padlock on the bridge and leave something permanent behind.

Family time

The importance of children having fun is not to be underestimated. For families looking for a quality time with each other, the Ljubljana ZOO is a “must see” while staying in Ljubljana. Like everything in Ljubljana, the ZOO is quite small but very well kept. Pleasant family day in the ZOO can be finished with climbing up the small hill just above the ZOO, it`s called Rožnik. On the top of Rožnik there is a restaurant where traditional Slovenian dishes are being served.

visit ljubljana zooPicture of Ljubljana ZOO

House of experiments in the city centre is the best museum for children (adults are also welcome) since they get the opportunity to try things out themselves and have ton of fun doing it. Understanding how science works is very appealing to people at any age and that is exactly what museum has to offer. Apart the House of experiments there are a lot of other museums and galleries worth visiting: Natural history museum (more on wikipedia), City Art Gallery, City Museum of Ljubljana (more on wikipedia) and many others.

Student travellers 

Students are mostly looking for a good time combined with some sightseeing and Ljubljana will not disappoint in any department. Bars on both banks of Ljubljanica River provide a great way to get the day started with a cup of coffee, people watching and enjoying the moment, as well as ending the day with a beer, cocktail or some other type of drink. Enjoying the moment sitting in a café is popular among Slovenians as well, especially in the summer nights. Decision-making regarding things to do in Ljubljana often takes place while having a drink in one of many cafes on the banks of Ljubljanica.

Students looking for a good time must most definitely try out the Metelkova Street where people just hang out and eventually get the party started in one of the clubs there. It is similar to Denmark’s Christiania. The atmosphere is truly welcoming but still does not suit everyone – you either love it or you hate it, there is no such thing as being indecisive. In addition, a Museum of modern art is located on Metelkova Street and you can check it out while being there. Providing you with clubs, people to hang out and a museum there is also a hostel Celica where many students stay.

Trying out some other hang out places Park Zvezda is one of the most popular chilling places in Ljubljana especially in the summer. People just sitting around having a nice time is permanent picture of the park. Really close to Park Zvezda, there are clubs with different kinds of popular music providing you with a choice of where to go for some good time. The distance between clubs is negligible and that keeps your options open for the night. Looking for kind of alternative music Metelkova Street and club K-4 are the way to go.