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Visit Lake Bled Slovenia

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My ultimate favorite among the Slovenia lakes is Lake Bled. With its natural beauty, it’s one of the most beautiful and also most known alpine resorts and is visited by businessmen, families, explorers, sport enthusiasts, young and old, from all over the world.

So where is Lake Bled?

In the heart of the Alps, surrounded by beautiful mountains which reflect in the lake, is a town called Bled with a global reputation in the idyllic unspoiled nature with its unique beauty – Lake Bled. You can explore hidden corners and many sports activities in the fresh air, enjoy thermal springs in some of the hotel’s pools or pamper yourself with a massage in one of the wide range of Wellness & Beauty centers. Decide on a relaxing break or have a more active holiday.

You can take your Lake Bled Holidays all year round. In the summer, besides the obvious swimming in the lake, which by the way has thermal water and it reaches a pleasant 26 degrees, you can try diving – even under the surface of Lake Bled, there is natural beauty. Fishing is also a nice relaxing way of spending your time at the lake, there’s hiking around the local area, and the trails are very well marked for the tourists. For more action there’s canyoning, cycling, boating, rafting, caving, horseback riding and I could go on and on.

If you are a golfer, you’ve come to the right place; Bled owns the largest and also the oldest golf course in Slovenia and is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

In the winter time with all the hills and mountains around, you can already guess what the most popular sport is, not only in the area, but for majority of Slovenian people – alpine skiing of course. Also for all those who prefer more of an adrenaline rush, try ice climbing, it’s a real endurance test. But if you are a first timer, I strongly suggest you be accompanied by a mountain guide.

Try unique Lake Bled Accommodation

I don’t know if you have heard this before, well maybe you did, it might just be that it is an old news abroad, but it is totally new to me; would you like to try and sleep in a tree house?! But not just every kind of a tree house, such your father might have built for you when you were a child. I’m talking about a super luxury family tree houses or pier tents, made with natural materials, surrounded by trees and bushes, but with a five star comfort. This is a 100% unforgettable experience.

From what I heard of the place, it’s called The Garden Village, and it’s booked for months in advance and it also is not your cheapest option to take, but surely worth trying if you are more of a luxury lover but still wish for some adventure out of the ordinary hotel room and service.

On the other hand if you are an adventurer, you will like Camping Bled. It lies on the shore of Lake Bled and it offers all the necessary facilities and equipment for a comfortable stay. It is for sure a welcoming location to families, active individuals and it even welcomes pets. Being the Alpine campsite, it also offers a special experience of winter camping. Camping Bled is a part of the group of Sava Hotels&Resorts that also owns The Sava Hotel in Bled and some of the other spa centers in Slovenia.

You can also read some facts about Bled on Wikipedia or WikiTravel.

Don’t miss Lake Bled Castle

In the middle of the lake Bled, it’s a small island with a church on it; the only way to get to the castle is by a wooden boat called »pletna«. On the side of the lake, there’s a steep cliff with a medieval castle, Bled Castle on top of the rocky cliff, from there one can enjoy the most beautiful and unique view of the Lake Bled, Bled town and its wider area.

Experience the attractive architecture of the castle and museum collection that shows the historical development of Bled, its culture and people.

In the summer in the castle’s courtyard, many of cultural events are held, plays showing visitors the life of the Knights from the Middle Ages.

Bled is also an ideal romantic location for the honeymoons and weddings and people from all over the world come to Lake Bled to get married here. Join the couples who marry here, the dream marriage ceremony starts with a romantic carriage ride around the lake Bled, than hop on the pletna and ride to the island to ring the bell, the legend has it it’s a good luck gesture to do so, making all hidden desires come true.

Bled offers a number of excellent locations for weddings, one of the most popular one being the church on the lake Bled’s island. You will have no problem finding the perfect location space for wedding in many of the hotels or restaurants in Bled.

Famous »Kremsnita« (eng. Cremeschnitte)

Or the term cream cake would sound more familiar to you. It’s the symbol of Bled’s cuisine. It can be bought throughout Slovenia, but the original version of it comes from here and as such original can only be bought in Bled. I’m not talking about just any kind of a cake or cream as any other, it’s the ultimate explosion of flavors and textures; golden baked puff pastry, a delicious vanilla flavored cream, covered with whipped cream and another layer of baked puff pastry, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Any lunch or dinner you will enjoy while staying in Bled, has to end with one of these delights. That would be the perfect finishing touch on experiencing the small town of Bled and it’s unique beauty.

When travelling Slovenia, Bled is one of the first spots you should visit, since it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Fascination with the natural beauty of Bled and uniqueness of its experiences, will leave you with a wish for more, and wanting to come back.